The ExtremeWireless product suite includes access points, centralised management and appliances that enable the highest density coverage in the most challenging environments and deliver an exceptional experience for users, wherever they roam.


• Simple set-up
• Deliver services with a single click
• Effortless network management
• Seamless mobility with fast roaming
• Secure with unique segmentation
• Advanced analytics
• Rapid troubleshooting

NEW - ExtremeWireless WiNG

Extreme Networks is excited to introduce ExtremeWireless WiNG. Instantly open doors to key growth verticals such as retail, hospitality, transportation and logistics providing you with new revenue opportunities. A modern Wi-Fi operating system supporting distributed Enterprise. Fortune 500 companies rely on WiNG to run mobility applications and accelerate their businesses in today’s mobile oriented commerce.


• Rollout APs to 1000s of Sites Rapidly
• Full site survivability with no local controller appliances
• Mitigate constantly evolving threats
• Exceptionally fast remote troubleshooting
• Deliver bandwidth to the right users and applications
• Secure the network with integrated firewalls
• Industry Leading Air Defence Security Platform


At the core of every adaptable network is a flexible, secure and efficient switching platform. ExtremeSwitching provides platforms legendary for their high-performance and comprehensive coverage from edge to core.


• Versatile modular, stackable and standalone switches
• SME right up to service provider and cloud data centers
• Simple, scalable and intelligent switching
• Exceptional quality, low latency, performance


Extreme Management Center

Extreme Management Center empowers you to deliver a superior quality of experience to your end-users through advanced tools that are integrated into a single pane of glass. It is designed to give you granular insights, visibility and automated control over users, devices and applications. All across your wired and wireless network, from the edge to the private cloud.


ExtremeControl delivers a set of management software tools that allow you to control policy from any network node to any individual device, all from a single pane of glass. With this intelligent, software-defined control plane in place you’ll be able to automate, orchestrate and virtualise the network in real-time to meet the needs of users and applications.


• BYOD & guest account services included
• Fine-grained configuration options
• Identity-aware networking
• Secure monitoring
• Easy integration with third party tools
• Available as a physical or virtual appliance


ExtremeAnalytics provides visibility into application use across the network, empowering IT to boost organisational efficiency, improve user experience and engagement, optimise application performance, and protect against malicious or unapproved system use.


• Displays applications, bandwidth, clients and flows.
• 7,000+ applications.
• Application ID provide a rich analytical framework. • Network performance vs applications performance.
• Monitor and restrict application usage.
• Contextual Information.


ExtremeCloud is a resilient and scalable cloud-based network management solution offered as a subscription service. ExtremeCloud is designed and optimised to take advantage of the elasticity, resiliency, and scalability provided via state-of-the-art datacenters for worldwide availability.


• Architecture allows faster data processing
• Pay-as-you grow to adapt rapidly
• Zero touch provisioning with no changes to infrastructure required
• Our experience allow us to provide easy deployment • Affordable to adapt to the newest Wi-Fi technologies

From the desktop to the data center, Extreme can transform any organisation

Whether your organisation is large or small, Extreme features a software-based solution that can reduce operating costs, improve user experience, mobile technology support initiatives and improve safety and each solution is backed by Extreme Service.

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